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We can help you at any stage of your accessibility journey.

Whatever stage you’re at on your accessibility journey we can help you

From accessibility assessments and compliance reports to design reviews, accessibility pulse checks and increasing your teams’ capabilities with training and coaching.

Let’s work together to make digital accessibility a success for your organisation.

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Check your website and web applications against accessibility guidelines

One-on-one and small team coaching to build confidence and expertise in digital accessibility

Empower your staff with web accessibility best practice training and development

Embed accessibility in your organisation by improving processes and workflows


Our latest web accessibility articles.

Uninterrupted keyboard focus: conquer popups, cookie consents, and overlays

WCAG success criterion 2.4.11 stresses keeping keyboard focus visible, despite common popup and overlay content. While partially hidden controls are allowed, it's better to ensure their focus remains identifiable.


WebAIM's 10th screen reader user survey

The results from WebAIM’s most recent screen reader user survey have been published. There are no surprises with the perennial CAPTCHA shown to be the most problematic of web content.


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