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Not another checklist!

A testing methodology which explains the what and how of manual accessibility testing.

Stopping the bots with Javascript

CAPTCHA is a convenient go to technique for stopping spam, but it's also inaccessible. Using Javascript and replacing submit buttons can be an effective alternative which maintains your sites accessibility.

Add Labels to Controls

Correctly labeling controls makes it much easier for a screen reader user to understand the type of data a control requires.

What's new in the WCAG 2.2 working draft

The Web Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.2 working draft has been released with several new accessibiltiy techniques.

Using Azure to help users with lower levels of literacy

Immersive reader is a Microsoft Azure Cognitive Services tool to help a user's ability to understand content on a page.

Avoid an Artificial Tabindex

The tabindex attribute has the power to really ruin the logical tab order of any web page when used incorrectly.

Create Logical Headings

Unless a heading structure has been coded correctly a page hierarchy can become unclear to non-sighted users.

Decorative and Descriptive Images

ALT attributes are a way to describe descriptive images and a way to make a screen reader ignore decorative images.

Grouping Controls

Grouping related controls together can help a user understand relationships more clearly between components.

Write Clear Link Text

Links are the core way to navigate between webpages, but creating link text which is understandable can be a challenge.