Here's how to get the best accessibility review

Published 24 April 2021

Here's how to get the best accessibility review

You've built your website but you're not sure if its meets WCAG conformance? This is where a review can help you understand if your website is accessible and if not what you can do.

The first step

An accessibility review is the first step in understanding how accessible your website is. A review for an averaged sized site of 10-15 pages takes approximately 2.5 weeks to complete where your website and the HTML, CSS and Javascript code which make up your site is analysed against the web content accessibility guidelines (WCAG).

There are 50 success criteria in the latest version of WCAG, and these are tests which are used to determine if your site passes.

These are things like do images have a text alternative for people who use a screen reader, are colour contrasts correct all the way to testing whether forms have messages describing why an error has occurred.

The essence of a good review

A good review identifies if errors exist and where on the site the errors are. The implication for a user by assigning a severity level - in essence whether it's a large or a small problem helping you prioritise which to fix first and, most importantly the review provides a solution to how you and your team can fix the errors.

How the review is performed is crucial in making sure you're getting value for money.

A good review uses automated tools in the browser followed by an in-depth manual code review by an expert reviewer, as automated tools alone won't find all accessibility issues.

Websites have lots of tech in use

If a reviewer doesn’t understand this technology, they may identify "errors" which aren’t or give undue prominence to easy to find WCAG failures whilst ignoring more complicated challenges, potentially the things which will really affect users being able to use your website.

How much a review costs can vary a lot, but don’t think the more you pay the better the review is. What matters is the technical detail, look for reviewers who have a technical background, are familiar with how websites are built and know web accessibility.

As a rough estimate expect to pay somewhere in the region of about $6-8000 AUD for a good web accessibility review, and that generally is testing approximately 15 pages.

We're proud of our review process

We apply 96 individual tests over each page of your site, giving you an accurate picture of how accessible your website is. We're also developers.

As well as describing accessibility problems we provide in-depth code solutions in HTML, CSS and Javascript giving your developers actionable accessible code ready to use.

We identify accessibility errors, rank them by severity, and provide solutions which fix those errors making your website accessible and conformant to the latest WCAG version all detailed in an easy to understand report.

Contact us to understand the accessibility of your own site and move from accessibility unknowns to actionable information and WCAG conformance.

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