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Case study of Enabled Employment

Enabled Employment is an employment service that is changing the way people with disability find work. Enabled Employment links skilled and qualified candidates with disability with telework employment opportunities, through an online portal.

As this is a recruitment company for people with disabilities, web accessibility is paramount. We needed to ensure job seekers and recruiters were able to access and use the website with assistive technology easily.

Easy Fixes

We identified regular repeated inaccessible content and used HTML and CSS solutions which when implemented improved the accessibility of the site.

A number of items were identified in the initial review as being straightforward fixes, these were the common difficulties all web content suffers from and included adding ALT attributes for all images (blank ALT attributes if the image is decorative only), ensuring consistent page structure with heading levels and clearer link text.

The follow on review identified more examples of the same common difficulties – a problem when auditing web content using a representative page sample to identify the high traffic workflows.

More complex accessibility problems were identified specifically with the HTML form components including missing form control and label association using the FOR attribute, input constraint size not being communicated and unclear mandatory fields.


Our suggestions in both reports were adopted and have been added to the regular maintenance schedule. The executive of Enabled Employment understand the challenges of web accessibility and implementing accessible solutions onto existing web content, and consider web accessibility a vital and ongoing part of their web strategy.

Being an innovative company for people with a disability, web accessibility was always a high priority for us. CANAXESS's web accessibility audit reviewed our current accessibility and identified any pain points. CANAXESS gave solutions that were practical to implement on our site. We certainly understand web accessibility isn't an easy task, but we are committed to continually implementing new accessibility improvements to benefit our users. Jessica May CEO of EnabledEmployment

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